Paul Johnson Decorator

                             When you buy a roll of wallpaper, you will see an array of different symbols 
                                printed on the label, below is a list of these symbols and their meanings:                                                            

Pattern repeat
pattern orientation
strip wallpaper
splice wallpaper
wallpaper fastness

Free match - no matching required

Straight Match - The pattern matches across the width of the paper

Offset Match - The pattern 'drops' half way down the repeat (can be wasteful)

Paste The Paper - Apply adhesive to wallpaper

Paste the Wall - Apply the adhesive to the wall

Ready Pasted - To activate the adhesive, the wallpaper needs to be                                 soaked in water             
Pattern Repeat - This tells you the size of the pattern.

Direction of Hanging - The open end of the roll is the top of the pattern
Reverse Alternate Lengths - This prevents 'shading' when applying 'plain' papers

Spongeable - A damp sponge or soft cloth can be carefully used to remove adhesive at time of hanging.

Washable - When finished, some dirt and stains can be carefully removed by using a wet cloth and soapy water.  

 Super Washable - When finished, dirt and most water based stains can be  removed from the face of the paper using a wet sponge or cloth

Scrubbable - A mild detergent, soft brush, sponge, cloth & mild abrasive can be carefully used to remove dirt and stains.

Strippable - Can be stripped from wall when dry.

Peelable - The face of the paper (the vinyl), can be peeled away from the backing paper which remains adhered to wall.

Wet Removable - The paper needs to be soaked with water and/or stripping gent to re-activate adhesive. Can also be steamed.

Overlap and Spliced -  When hanging, instead of butt joining the paper, you must  overlap the paper and use a knife to splice through both layers.
Moderate Light Fastness - If subjected to direct sunlight, the paper could be quite vulnerable to fading over a period of time.

Good Light Fastness - When subjected to direct sunlight, the paper should be less prone to fading until some considerable time has passed.