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When i told friends that i was planning to add content to my site that teaches people how to do the job for themselves, the reaction i got invariably suggested i had gone mad - 'If you teach them to do the job for themselves, they are not going to pay you to do it for them!', was the cry. But, i genuinely don't believe that. Anyone who uses my advice, and tries to have a go themselves, are likely to be the sort of person who was always going to have a go at a D.I.Y. project anyway. And besides, as i have mentioned elsewhere on this site, there seems to be an inclination nowadays for people to do part of the job themselves before asking a professional to apply the finishing touches. If  that is the case, then i might just make life a little easier for myself when it comes to trying to put a professional finish on top of D.I.Y. preparation work. 

This being a relatively new website, I haven't had a great deal of time to add new content to this 'Tricks of the Trade' page, but i do plan to regularly add new content here that may help with all your D.I.Y. decorating projects.
 The column opposite lists the content we have created so far.