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Psychology of Colour

Psychology of colour image by stuart miles  

Green - Tranquility, Healthy, Peaceful - 

Blue - Curbs Appetite, Serenity, Trustworthy -

Yellow - Energetic, Cheerful, Warm, friendly -

Orange - Fun, Energetic, Enthusiasm - 

Red - Vibrant, Passion, Stimulates Appetite - 

Pink - Love, Romance, Feminine,  Softness, Calming - 

Brown - Simple, Practicality, Reliability - 

Purple - Success, Wisdom, Calming, Relaxation -

White - Innocence, Putrity.         I feel that all rooms need a hint of colour in them. If you paint your walls, ceilings & trim white you can give the impression of spaciousness.
           In itself, a room that is painted totally white can seem sterile, bland and empty, but, if you add colourful features to the room, ie decorative wall art, rugs curtains etc, these colours can really jump out at you and become the main features of the room - without losing that feel of purity and spaciousness. Even though you may paint a room white, in the soft lighting of an evening, there will be no white but gradients of white. the room may in fact become a colour pallette if  there are different colours of light.

Black - Prestigious, Luxe, Exclusive, confident, Powerful -